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Two problems plague us in life, especially in the 21st century. The first is that many of us possess only a surface level understanding of the good news of the Gospel. Jesus claimed that those who allow the Word of God to become deepy rooted in their souls will produce fruit a hundred times over.  We tend to get caught up with Christianity as a system of rules rather than realizing that the Gospel is a call to life-changing and life-giving relationship with God himself.

The other difficulty is our lack of community, resulting largely from the transient nature of the world we live in.  To be fully human, we need roots connecting us to community and places. These roots allow deep and fulfilling relationships to form. They in turn give us a sense of belonging and connection to the places we inhabit. Rather than treating our world as consumers and the city as a temporary playground, we seek to become a part of it. This allows us to love our neighbors more effectively.

Recognizing these two problems, we've made it our mission at City Grace to encourage rootedness and we do that primarily through Life Groups and Missional Community.