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Welcome to City Grace Church

New York is filled with paradoxical experiences. We're driven, but exhausted. Well dressed, but inwardly fragmented. Surrounded by crowds, but lonely.  Doing so much, but never enjoying a moment of peaceful quiet. Trying so hard to “make it,” but losing hope. Looking for stability, but surrounded by change.  Drawn to the city’s promises, but feeling the need for something simpler, more basic and life-giving.

If you can relate to any of these experiences, there is good news for you: Jesus Christ. He is the answer to your heart's deepest longings. God has made us for himself, and until we rest in him, we are forever haunted by the need for bigger and better.

City Grace is a friendly community drawn together by the hope offered in the Gospel. We are diverse in age, ethnicity, and socioeconomics.  We believe multi-ethnic community reflects the beauty of God and his diverse body.  Whether you are a seeker (someone who is "spiritual" but not yet convinced about Christianity), or are looking for regular place to worship and grow, you are welcome at City Grace. Here we experience and explore the deep reserves of God's grace - his unrelenting love for the poor and marginalized and his power to transform broken people.

City Grace meets for worship at the Nord Anglia International School (44 E 2nd St.) on Sundays at 11AM. We'd love for you to visit!

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Baptism service at Brighton Beach in Brooklyn

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